Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twined Blog Tour Sign Up's- YA Fiction by A.L. Collins

Twined, a new YA Fiction is going on tour!

What people are saying about the book:

"Twined is FANTASTIC! This book had me so pulled in that I have dreamed about it for two nights now! I have never heard of this author but WOW! You will be hearing of him soon,Everywhere!"

"Very,very good! I loved it! This author just keeps turning out winning books!"

About the book:

Avalin Marsh is used to disappointment. When her mother murdered a woman in the kitchen of her home on her eleventh birthday, Avalin decided that the people in your life were only there to let you down. She built up walls over the years making a mental fortress impervious to disappointment, heartache and sadness. However it also isolated her from others, making her bitter... and lonely.

When her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia after the murder, Avalin began to see and experience things that she couldn't explain. She thought she could handle these episodes by pushing them back into her mind. Until the day she sees one of her classmates morph into a monster right in front of her eyes. Pushed to the brink of paranoia, Avalin truly believes she's insane. Then a mysterious man named Albert comes into her life. She's wary of his motives yet for some reason finds herself drawn to him even though they've never met. What's even more inexplicable is that Albert knows who Avalin is. She's the daughter of the famous Abigail Marsh. Her mother.

Now the two of them will need to put their differences aside and trust one another. If Avalin can't let her guard down long enough to let Albert in, then there might be dire and far reaching consequences in store for them.

It turns out Avalin Marsh isn't as crazy as she thought.

The author is open to doing interviews, guest posts, giveaways and offering review copies. To sign up for your tour stop please click the button below. Please pick between the dates May 24-June 6th.

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Danielle Smiley said...

I would love to participate in this tour. Could I have June 4th as my date? I'd like to do an author's guest post with a giveaway and would love to have a review copy.

Thanks so much!

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