Monday, April 23, 2012

Saving Mary Quote Party Sign Up's

Saving Mary will be having a Quote Party on May 5th and we need bloggers to sign up to look over the book and find your favorite quotes then post them!

How a Quote Party Works:
I will send you a review copy of the book and you will search for your favorite quotes. Once you have a few quotes you like, you will post them, along with the book blurb and links on May 5th! The author is also offering to let you have a giveaway for your readers! Sign up so I can send you your copy today!

What people are saying about the book:
"Grab a coffee and a comfortable chair because once you start to read this memoir, you won't be able to put it down. I became more and more drawn into Deidre's heart-wrenching childhood with every word that I read. I can't wait for part two to come out because I have to know what comes next for her."

"Fascinating to say the least! This memoir couldn't be any more different from my own childhood, but Deidre's talented way with words brings me and all my emotions right there with her - into her childhood. I became so attached I couldn't put it down. Definitely a must read!! I'm eagerly anticipating book 2, as I can't wait to join her again as she grows - searching for freedom and truth."

About the Book:

If you’re a fan of supernatural fiction then you will be captivated by this true story about a spiritually sensitive girl and the path that led to her possession. Part one of a two-part series, Saving Mary is the story of a modern-day Mary Magdalene—the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons. 

Deidre Daily is drawn to anything seemingly spiritual, desperately seeking a spiritual existence. But inside this vibrant girl hides a terrified child who sincerely believes she has married the devil. Through a series of spiritual encounters her fear turns into reality, and she ends up possessed.

Deidre’s fascinating memoir relays her story from childhood to adolescence: invisible eyes leering at her from the corner of her bedroom, horrible nightmares tormenting her, and her desperate attempt to find God—only to end up possessed. It is a candid account of possession from a first-person perspective. This dark memoir brings to light an intricate world of deceitful spirits hell-bent on manipulating and damaging an innocent girl’s life, not only through her dreams, but also through seemingly every-day encounters.

Travel with Deidre into the mysterious world of spirits, ghosts and demons. Awaken yourself to a world that isn’t supposed to exist; a world that’s as intriguing as it is sinister. And then emerge as a new person—invigorated, aware and intent on living in the light. Saving Mary; Not just another story about a girl and her exorcist.

Sign up below by clicking the button to receive your copy of the book so you will be ready for your post on May 5th!

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